Saturate your lips with the richly-pigmented lip color makeup from Roman Color Cosmetics. We have a variety of different formulas for you to try, with one of our most unique lipstick products being our mood lipsticks, which change color based on your skin tone. This creates a personalized shade that looks amazing on you!...

If you are looking for lip colors that offer a shinier appearance, try our pearl lipsticks. Want something subtler? try our bold matte lipsticks, which consist of our longest lasting formula.

See what people say about our Lipstick Creams:

  1. Rich intense colors

  2. Excellent coverage

  3. Creamy application

  4. Glides on Smoothly

  5. Highly pigmented

  6. Does not smudge

  7. Long lasting wear

  8. Hydrates and conditions lips

  9. Animal Cruelty Free

  10. Made in USA

Before attempting to apply lipstick, make sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips. Then apply a small amount of mineral foundation to slightly erase the lip lines, this will prevent lipstick from “bleeding. For a bolder look, your next step should be to apply Lip Liner with precision and definition, then fill your lips in. Work in layers and blot with a tissue to get a longer lasting effect. Add layers to build coverage.