Eye Shadows

Enjoy an array of different shadow shades and finishes with the rich, high pigment eyeshadow trios from Roman Color Cosmetics. Your eye-look options are endless when it comes to mixing and matching different shades to create unforgettable looks...

Don’t forget to prime your lids before applying any eyeshadow to them. This will not only make your eyeshadow so much easier to apply, but will maintain the shade’s vibrant color for so much longer.

Our eyeshadow trios are the best:

  1. Creamy Eye Magic

  2. Ultra-pigmented tones

  3. A mix of Mattes, Shimmers & Pearls

  4. Seamlessly blendable shades

  5. Spotlight your eyes with intense glow

  6. Animal Cruelty Free

  7. Made in USA

Before you begin choose your brush, the best way to flawlessly blend colors and define your features is with a specialized makeup brushes. Prime your eyes, it will help your

eyeshadow last longer preventing it from sliding off your eyelids. Build your base: a natural shade for your lid, a medium shade for your crease and a dark shade for your outer corners.

Now define your crease to give your eyes definition, it will also make your eyes look wider and bigger overall. Now blend and define using a clean blending brush to diffuse the shades on your crease and outer V until they blend seamlessly in your lids. Almost done, its time to use your lightest eyeshadow shade to make your eyes really pop.